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Criminal law

Almost everyone in life at least once imagined a situation where he or she emotionally exclaims: “I’m calling my lawyer!”. Of course, we want to believe that it will always be a pure fantasy or a movie scene. However, life is an unpredictable thing.


Situation 1. You are sitting in the office at nine in the morning, drinking your morning coffee with cookies, and then the door of your office opens, frightened secretary is stunned, and your office is already filled with people in black, demanding to give them documents and laptops.

Situation 2. You are in a traffic jam, and some driver is talking on the phone and not looking in your direction at all. An accident is inevitable.
And in those cases, or in a similar situation you have to know whom to call!
Attorneys of the Company UVITO do not care about the time of your application and a+ place where you need us to come. We understand the importance of prompt and quick response to requests and act accordingly.

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