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Corporate law and M&A

In one interview Elon Musk said that setting up a company is like baking a cake and he was absolutely right. In cooking, as in partnership, every detail matters.

If you only knew how many interesting and promising projects have not been transformed into multinational corporations just because at the initial stage partners forgot or were ashamed to agree on the rules of the game. Ask yourself, do my partner and I equally understand the roles we have to play in this great cooking show? Are we planning to bake the same cake? Do we have the right recipe?

If you are hesitant and cannot answer “yes” to all three questions – this is a good reason to contact us.

Contacting our team of corporate law and M&A specialists will give you more than just advice. We will register your business, help you determine the structure, the tax system, tell you about the obvious risks that may become an obstacle on your way to success. We will also analyse your agreements with partners and offer a draft corporate agreement that will protect the interests at any stage of your business development.

Razkevych Andriy

Head of department

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