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IT and intellectual property

Thus, we are aware that currently intellectual property is a part of everything tangible, however it does not concern the IT sphere.
Can you squeeze Bitcoin with your fingers? While paying services online, can you feel physically how money disappears from your pocket? And how do you imagine Blockchain?

This is all a small part of a real IT.
Who needs all of this? And why are we doing this?

For example, you have a great Start-up and that is awesome! UVITO will help you organize everything correctly and not to miss anything:
to choose organizational and legal form;
to choose optimal tax system;
management structuring;
development of agreements (from elementary lease to international cooperation);

Are you a company that has been working in the IT market for a long time? UVITO will be useful to you:
we will conduct an internal audit of the enterprise;
help in management structuring;
advise how best to optimize taxes;
make sure you do not forget about NDAs and TK;
we will develop all necessary documents to adjust the processes of your company in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

Where is an intellectual property?
When you need to register a trademark, register your intellectual property, receive, or pay royalties correctly, or enter into a copyright agreement correctly, this is where the IP is.
UVITO’s lawyers will help you with any questions you may have in your business with both IT and IP laws.

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