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When even a small dispute appears between partners, it can lead to terrible consequences, and this applies not only to business partners, but also to spouses. Increasing differences, empty controversy, threats, all this inflames the conflict and can lead to total destruction of the business or family that has been built for years. Yes, you can resolve such a dispute in court and never restore the same relationship with a partner that once you had. However, you can resort to alternative methods of conflict resolution – mediation. This method of conflict solving is less expensive (both financially and emotionally) than the option of court proceedings.

Mediators are specifically qualified impartial and independent specialists who help conflict (dispute) parties to settle. The essence of the problem is thoroughly studied not only by lawyers, but also psychologists, who assist in solving a dispute with Win-Win result for both parties.

With the help of UVITO professional Mediators you will be able to:
Get the desired result that will satisfy the interests of you and your partner;
Minimize financial and time costs to resolve the dispute;
Keep the business relationship in its original state and extinguish the family conflict.

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